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I stand for empowering women, creativity, and nurturing.

I am committed and deeply connected to the energy that nurtures and empowers. I profoundly honour my inner wisdom and creativity. I believe that there is knowledge deep within us all about what we need to thrive in life. We do not need to search outside to find it. The power lies within us, and if we learn to listen to our wisdom and intuition, we will realise that we are enough.

I teach from the heart, grounded in reality, and always with a touch of humour! I embrace you and all the messiness of life. My work is creative, authentic, practical, humble, and accessible.


My work represents a collection and evolution of many years dedicated to creativity and women's empowerment. Today, I intertwine Yoga, Cyclical Wisdom, Menstruality, and Creativity to empower and support you on your journey. While I'm particularly drawn to working with women, my approach extends to anyone who resonates with it.

"My passion is to empower and support others to connect with their own inner wisdom, Find their own personal healing journey. Using compassion, creativity and authenticity, I aspire to help you create nurturing awareness to yourself and your life awakening your deep creative power"

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Calm Hatha Yoga

Fridays 8.30-9.30am

Yoga Steps- Moreleta Park

Gentle, yet empowering yoga to help you find balance, regulation and self-acceptance of the body you have today.

  • Intuitive movement

  • Meditation

  • Yoga nidra

  • Breathe awareness

My Mission

To honour the creativity that flows within me and you.

Unearth my own deep power from within, and nurture you to find yours too.

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