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Cyclical Wisdom Wheel

Cyclical Wisdom

Seasons and cycles echo and flow throughout our lives and our experiences of the world. These cycles involve various elements, including life phases, menstrual cycles, the lunar cycle, breath, circadian rhythm, and creative processes. Together, they shape our unique cyclical nature.

Which cycles do you resonate with the most? What are your favourite phases or seasons? Can you feel the rise and fall of your breath? What other cycles or patterns can you notice?


Wheel of the Year

Observe the changing seasons and their impact on your mood and activities. Some people thrive in certain seasons and struggle in others. Adapt your plans and self-care routines to align with the seasons. Tap into the seasonal creative process to boost your own work, activities and projects.

Creative Process

Explore your creative cycles. Do you experience periods of intense inspiration followed by lulls? Track your creative projects and ideas to identify any patterns. Use this knowledge to optimise your creative output and consider how these patterns connect with your menstrual, lunar, or circadian rhythms.

''Tapping into your cyclical wisdom, leaning into our creative inner and outer world, listening to when creativity calls whilst honouring the world, we live in.''

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Lunar Cycle

Observe the phases of the moon and their influence on your emotions and energy levels. Some people find that certain moon phases are particularly potent for setting intentions or releasing what no longer serves them. you can use the Lunar cycle is you do not have a menstrual cycle.

Menstrual Cycle

Begin by tracking your menstrual cycle. Take note of its length, symptoms, and emotional changes throughout the month. Over time you may identify recurring patterns that influence your energy levels, creativity, and emotions. Use this valuable information to better plan your activities and self-care routines.

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Circadian Rhythm and Breath

Pay attention to your breath and daily energy levels. Practice mindfulness and deep breathing to sync with your natural rhythms. Notice when you are most awake and alert during the day, and plan important tasks to best match your energies.

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