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Creativity Workshops...unearthing the jewels within.

The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all then stands back to see if we can find them Elizabeth Gilbert

Have you ever wondered about what creativity is? wanted more? wondered why you are inspired and 'creative' sometimes and not others? Are you an artist, creative or gardener? do you feel you are not creative at all? well, these workshops are for you... in fact, these are for everyone, for those who have a deep connection to the creative and those who only see a blank page.

What is Creativity?

Creativity is many things to many people, It is both tangible and intangible. we can both see its work manifested in everything but not the thing itself.

Some see it as a mystical energy, a muse, a spirit, proof of the divine. Others are a system of nature's ability to innovate, evolve and diversify.

Creativity is the vision to see things in the future, the beauty and awe of life. It could be thinking outside the box, and making connections between seemingly unrelated concepts, It could be creating something, an idea, or a solution. It is also part of us. we exist because we were created, grown, and nurtured. Nature itself is a creative process.

Creativity is not your skill, your ability or training.

What do we do in Creativity Workshops

We Gather

It starts with you, meeting others being open and being ready to share your own wisdom while learning from others.

All welcome-

  • No experience necessary

  • Artists, designers, and writers, all welcome novices to professionals

  • Share your own unique wisdom and insights, you might help someone else.

We Meditate, Move & Rest

As we gather we always centre and ground to make sure we are all present and in the moment, we settle and know we are all there for each other with compassion and acceptance. it is also a good time to set intentions for the time we are together as well as the season to come.

  • Grounding meditation.

  • Gentle movement to explore a creative space

  • Set intentions for the coming month or season

We Journal, Chat and Play

In our workshops, we journal on specific questions relating to our creativity our seasons and our wellness.

We chat about what creativity is to us, how it shows up and maybe unlock and release some negative beliefs we have about our own creativity (or lack of it)

We get used to playing with ideas in a fun non-judgmental and celebratory environment... no such thing as a bad idea!

We Create & Make Art.

In each workshop, we dive into some creative artwork connecting to the seasons. We always have fun playing and bringing life to big and small ideas together

This may come up in visual work, creative writing, or in collective group art. In the past we have made-

  • collective poems,

  • painted,

  • collaged vision boards,

  • decorated solstice candles,

  • Weaved with plants,

  • made nature mandalas

  • decorated flower crowns

  • moved in intuitive yoga and movement.

The best thing is if you come you can make and the more often you come you can make your ideas manifest. Do you have something you would like to do? great bring your ideas with you!

We are the Supportive & Creative Community you Crave.

I love Barbara Sher's TedTalk on Isolation, she comments that it is isolation and not working together that kills creativity and ambition- not our lack of skill, motivation or abilities.

We have somehow along this journal been sold a lie that life is a solo race and asking for help is a weakness. As humans we are creative problem solvers and social creatures, we have only served as a species as we learned to communicate, share and nurture each other. It is the same in all aspects of life, especially in a creative community.

We all have our strengths and wisdom as well as our limitations and blind spots. we need each other to complete the picture, with our uniqueness and encouragement. When we gather we can share and support each other's dreams and ideas.

Feel inspired to be more creative and cyclical

  • Link with other artists and creatives

  • Know you are not alone.

  • Lean on others for support and special skills!

We Connect to the Seasons and Cycles-

One of my passions and Values is to always connect with our seasons, cycles and naturally flowing patterns. Each workshop takes notice to honour what is going on out and inside in terms of the seasons. We connect to the Wheel of the Year and follow some of the old nature practices to set intentions, Rest, Celebrate and Give thanks to the changing seasons.

When are you coming?

Next Workshop

See this as your personal invitation to the Next Workshop-

This December we will honour the Summer Solstice. As it falls on the 20th/21st of December, we will celebrate a little earlier before everyone rests for the holidays.

The theme of this Workshop will be Vitality & Creativity.

16th Dec-9.30-11.30am

Yoga Steps Studio-

R250 (Kids under 12- Free)

All Welcome- This one is open to Children as well.

Topics we will discuss-

  • What does summer mean to me? what does it make me feel?

  • How do I create a harmonious and nourishing holidays and Christmas? (practical brainstorming, Sharing session!)

  • How do we connect to nature and seasons?

  • What does Creativity mean to me?

  • What beauty do I give the world?

Come along and see if we can unearth those pearls of wisdom and jewels of creativity that are buried within.

Andrea is a cyclical living, wellness coach and mum. She weaves her art, yoga and cyclical wisdom into her life and work. Andrea’s work focuses on menstruality and cyclical living but her work resonates with a wide range of people. She embraces the messiness of life and shares her wisdom honestly from the heart. She empowers and supports people on their journeys with creative, authentic and practical guidance. If you are drawn to this work this journal is for you.

For More Info on Cyclical Living, Creativity or Menstruality, Please find me on Instagram- @Butterlfy_andie or FB @Butterflyandie


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