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Autumn Equinox

The Mid point between the Solstices are the Equinoxes, Autumn Equinox is symbolic of balance and gratitude.. we thank the summer and the harvest and start to let go of what we do not need, while storing up what we want to take into winter.

Top Tips:

Here are a few ideas to honour the balance of Autumn Equinox and the coming few months.


all the things that are going well in your life, year, even just this month.


Reassess your daily energies, routines and sleep patterns. are you feeling in balance or can a little more regularity and routine help?

Eat Cyclically

this is true for all seasons, but at the Autumn Equinox it is time to harvest. End of season foods are ready look at the amazing rainbow on offer. What can you store, pickle or dry for winter?

Be Creative

Autumn energies are high, it is a time to start gathering, editing and reviewing our work and project. This doesn't mean new ideas do not flow, but harness the autumn energy with discernment and a truthful but kind eye.

Get Outside

Notice all the autumnal changes. Go for a walk in nature, can you feel the air changing, the leaves and berries ripening?

Witness Balance

On one of 2 most balanced days, Watch sunrise and sunset or notice the balance in your breath.

Remind yourself of your cyclical nature

The cyclical seasons, solar and lunar events remind us everything is always coming around.

For a free PDF infographic of this blog- click here.

autumn Equinox
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for a deeper understanding of these cycles and celebrations, sign up to Cyclical Creativity online course.


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