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Winter Solstice- Yule Blessing

This week we celebrate the Solstice.

'The term “solstice” comes from the Latin words sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still) because, during the solstice, the angle between the Sun’s rays and the plane of the Earth’s equator (called declination) appears to stand still it is this stillness

In the Northern Hemisphere, many traditions celebrate The Winter Solstice or Yule in December and many of its traditions have been weaved into Christmas. here in the Southern Hemisphere, we get the opportunity to celebrate one of the oldest winter festivals in the world on the 21st of June.

Winter Solistice is the end of the exhale of the year and the beginning of the inhale. It symbolises a time to pause, honour rest, stillness and life moving inwards. Take time to listen to yourself and nature. what is it you really need before we step into the new solar year? here are a few ideas on how you can honour the Solistice in your daily life.

Honour the Light

The sun shines less, and the days are short, but we can take time to get outside and enjoy the light we have. Enjoy the warmth of the sun, and see how it may rise and set at different times and places. notice the shape and length of shadows, the sun melting any frost. look within, what is the sun shining on what parts need to rest in shadows for hibernation.

Light the Yule Log

In ancient times a yule log or even a whole tree was lit. It was kept burning over the solstice period to entice the sun to return. Today we can just light a fire to warm us and decorate our homes with candles or fairy lights.

Create with Nature

One of my favourite ways to honour and mark the wheel of the year is to create especially with natural materials. start by going for a nature walk and collect any fallen leaves, sticks or flowers. you could also just scour your garden to what winter has to show. Make a winter wreath, solstice crowns or beautiful nature mandalas, you could also simply create a winter bouquet to decorate your home.

Surrender the Old

Every season gives us an opportunity to invite the new, but first, we must let go, it might be a physical home clear out, tidying your garden or letting go of outdated patterns that you need to release.


Once we release we can see what we have, and take time to see our abundance with love, acceptance and gratitude.

Set Intentions

Just like at the New Moon, (the darkest moment of the month we set intentions of what we need for the coming months or year, It is like planting seeds, what do you want to plant in the dark soil that will come alive in the future months?

Warm the Soul

What Warms your soul? is it dance, art, or family time?

Winter is a time to gather closer. we spend more time inside so what can we do to make it nourishing? eating warm nutritious food, sharing dance and laughter, looking after your winter body, with warm oil massage and dancing to warm up.

Maybe having alone time creates more harmony for you, journaling, painting, creating.. what creative sparks does winter offer you?

Top Tips, Questions to ask yourself and Rituals for Winter Solstice:

Here are a few ideas to honour Winter Solstice

I honour the season

Ideas- Journal, meditate on or share in a circle or with a listening Partner

  • What Jewels of wisdom does winter offer me?

  • What beautiful abundance can I carry with me?

  • What would sparks of ideas need to brew in winter stillness?


Write 3 things I am grateful for today.

  • What resources do I have for winter?

  • What abundance and love do you I have in life,

  • What are you grateful for today?


Ideas- mini clear out, Prune the garden or rake some leaves, Write down anything that is not serving my life at the moment, you can always symbolically burn it!

  • What can I release?

  • What do I not need in my life?

  • What is not helping move forward?

I Honour Nature

Ideas- Decorate homes with natural seasonal objects, make wreaths, crowns or candle holders. take a nature walk to witness the life and the stillness

  • What are the most beautiful things I notice in winter?

  • I honour the drawing inwards of nature and within myself.

I honour the Light

Ideas- Light a fire, light candles, decorate with fairy lights, watch sunrise and sunset, warm in the sun.

  • how can I invite the light into my life?

  • how can I honour and respect the stillness & darkness?

  • what does the sunrise/sunset make me feel?

For a free PDF infographic of this blog- Click Below

winter solstice blessing
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This Solstice Week, see what I have to offer.

for a deeper understanding of these cycles and celebrations, sign up for my Cyclical Creativity online course. or book a one to one mentoring session


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