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Women's Creative Circle

What to Expect

“Each time women gather in circles with each other the world heals a little more.”

Sitting in circles has been part of our social heritage since humans first walked, much of these was the cornerstone of society, sitting around the fire telling stories, sharing food and skills.. For women only circles, many were connected to the lunar cycles or menstruation. You can read more about the history in many online articles so I wont go into here. But just to say although they may have changed, they have always existed and are now making a re-emergence.

You may have experienced the supportiveness in menstrual circles or red tents even a yoga class or training, or you may have noticed the solidarity in a mum and baby coffee morning or parents group. Maybe you witnessed it growing up with other family members, their social clubs or knitting circle.. what ever the group, women circle are as old as time (or humans at least).

If you haven't attended a women circle before you may be unsure if it is for you or nervous, or just like to know what you actually have to do! I cannot attest to all circles but here are some insights to what to expect at our 'Women's Creative Circle'

Women's Creative Circles is a combination of sitting in sacred space, whilst also being playful and creative.

Our Creative Circles

Come to a relaxed and supportive environment to mix with women of all ages.

Tap into your Creativity

Share a creative process. like arts, crafts, writing, poetry,

movement, yoga, music or storytelling. have a skill? share it! each circle there will be a theme and an activity so you will know beforehand what to bring.

Learn into into your Community

Know you are not alone in your journeys in womanhood. Learn and share your experience about cycles and seasons.

Show up as you are

with acceptance and non-judgement. take time out of your busy schedule just to be as you are. Feel free to share anything or issues on your mind, even ask for advice from your fellow sister.

You may share as much or as little as you like. We try work with the energies of giving and receiving, no unsolicited advice is given, we learn to listen and no one has to share anything if they don't want to.

honour the 'divine feminine'

i.e. non-competitive, intuitive, compassion and supporting other women.

Drink tea and eat cake

have a herbal tea (or full fat double coffee.. we don't care!) and share snacks as we chat. feel free to bring something to share.

Spread the love.

Collectively, we can empower others and support local causes. any excess in donations will be giving to charity. we only ask for donations to cover cost of the events.


We hold the circles around the Full or New moon, or the closes weekend to it. the next dates are Sundays 29th May 2022 and the 10th July 2022 10.30am -12.30pm

Our circles are held at Yoga Steps in Pretoria. if you have not been, Yoga Steps is a beautiful creative space that just oozes cosiness and holding space. It is so much more that a yoga studio, and actively encourages many creative artforms and community gatherings into the space.

The next circle is Sunday 29th May 2022 (New Moon is 30th) message to attend.

Theme is knit or crochet a square for a collective charity project.

(all attendance is donation based. remember your donation doesn't have to be monetary, food, tea offerings to the studio or our cause of the month are all welcome)


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