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Well Woman Yoga 

Well Woman Yoga is a term for the approach to yoga with a more empowering, feminine heart centred and honouring route to self-acceptance and contentment. It takes into consideration of a woman’s needs on any given day, raising her feminine energy and vitality by listening to the cycles and rhythms around us. Its practices remind us the power of inner wisdom and that our true teachers come from within.


'Re-connect to your inner wisdom with profound beautiful feminine practices. It is Spiritual, self -accepting, kind & nourishing'

Why Practice Well Woman Yoga? 

  • Connect and support to your cycles through yoga.

  • Raise feminine energy, tuning into our inner wisdom.

  • Honouring and adapting to any stages of our life.

  • For healthy menstruation and balancing your cycles.

  • Supports fertility, pregnancy, birth & postnatal to menopause.

  • Deeper awareness of our cyclical nature with self acceptance.

  • Bring joy, vitality and creativity into your life.

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