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Yoga has never been about stretching, it's always been about the reach''

Seane Corn... Off the Mat and into the world 

"Yoga to me is about connecting to yourself, really wiggling and reaching to the parts of your body, mind and soul that need love, acceptance and attention. 

The reason I get on my mat is to find balance and help enliven my body,  move energy, oxygen, release tension, find joy and spark creativity. It allows me space and time I often crave. just by being still or moving with my breath, I can feel the pulse of the universe, I am part of it. I am home. "


Yoga Classes for this year serve to connect to our seasonal and cyclical needs. As we move through the year, We focus on a new theme that represents the seasons. 

This is more than just a yoga class. This is for you if you are looking to connect to yourself, listen to your intuition, feel acceptance, balance and gratitude.

Yoga with Andrea ...


Feb & March

Gratitude & Abundance


Balance & Acceptance

May & June

Honouring & Releasing


Rest & Intentions


Renew & Awaken


Balance & Expression


Fertility & Vitality

My Yoga practice and teachings have evolved over the last 20 years of practice, I don't prescribe to any school or style solely, though many enrich and nurture my experience. I share my wisdom of hatha yoga, ashtanga, adaptive yoga, well-woman yoga which includes pregnancy, postnatal and yoga for menstrual cycles. ( see Well Woman Yoga) but I am also heavily influenced by Ayurveda, Menstrual cycle awareness and Cyclical Living. I teach mostly on a one to one basis or in seasonal workshops,but have a few fun group classes I run in Pretoria. 

Every Thursday 8.30 am- Yoga Steps Studio

Intuitive nurturing yet empowering yoga, movement and meditation. This is for you if you are looking to connect to yourself, listen to your intuition, and feel acceptance, balance and gratitude.

  • Yoga to connect to your body 

  • Meditations to tune into intuition

  • Relaxation to soothe the nervous system

  • Practices to be aware of our needs today

  • Accessible yoga practices that empower

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