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Mabon- Wheel of the Year

Mabon- Autumn Equinox 20th March(S) 20th Sept(N)

Welcome to the Autumn Equinox. (For those in the opposite Hemisphere It is Spring Equinox/Ostara)

We celebrate Mabon as part of the bigger Wheel of the Year, containing all the seasonal festivals of the solar year.

The term “Mabon” is named after a Celtic sun god. Mabon or Fall/Autumn Equinox other names for this festival are- The Second Harvest or the Harvest of First Fruits.

In many cultures and mythologies, there are stories of the struggles between light and dark, with the earth and the underworld.

It is a time to bring Balance and Acceptance to what is going on around us and within us... The light and dark are in equilibrium (but briefly) before the balance is rocked in one or the other direction.

This can bring a moment of clarity and awareness before things change again. but these changes in seasons can feel anything but balanced!

If you're like me then autumn is quite an emotional and physical shift. The darker mornings and shift in the air are definitely upsetting my balance.

But instead of just getting blown around by the winds of change I know that this also will settle and anchor me with the known and the grounded.

My morning rituals of Meditation, movement, journalling and gratitude are the things at the moment that keep me sane and build resistance and adaptability.

So this week I invite you to join me in the practice of exploring what feels balanced, what are you grateful for and what are you accepting of.

We thank the summer and the harvest and start to let go of what we do not need while storing up what we want to take into winter.


All the things that are going well in your life, year, even if it is what is going on today. there are so many things you can do with this. Write a gratitude journal, write a page or 3 (Artists Way) of unconscious stream, or follow some journalling prompts. whatever you choose allow the words to flow. (sign up for my newsletter and receive free prompts and PDFs)


Reassess your daily energies, routines and sleep patterns. Are you feeling in balance or can a little more regularity and routine help? Think about the basic things that bring clarity, ease and energy into your day, can you do more of that? and less of the things that give you stress, clutter and overwhelm?

"Autumn Equinox is symbolic of balance, gratitude and acceptance."

Eat Cyclically

This is true for all seasons, but at the Autumn Equinox, it is time to harvest. End-of-season foods are ready to look at the fantastic rainbow on offer. What can you store, pickle or dry for winter? Have a clear out of your cupboards. donate any foods that you don't eat, and clear out any out-of-date goods. flick through a recipe book magazine or Pinterest to get ideas for nourishing autumn meals.

Be Creative

Autumn energies are high, it is a time to start gathering, editing and reviewing our work and project. This doesn't mean new ideas do not flow but harness the autumn energy with discernment and a truthful but kind eye. tidy a bookshelf, and tidy your stationary or art supplies.

another idea, that I love to do, is play with nature in my creative projects, from painting on or with leaves, to making nature mandalas.

Get Outside

Notice all the autumnal changes. Go for a walk in nature, can you feel the air changing, the leaves and berries ripening? take your meditation outside. picnic.

Witness Balance

On one of the two most balanced days, Watch sunrise and sunset or notice the balance in your breath, and sit in silence just for 5 minutes.

Remind yourself of your cyclical nature

The cyclical seasons, the solar and lunar events remind us everything is always coming around.

These moments in nature can help us understand our cyclical nature, what other seasons and cycles affect us? what does the season change feel like in your body? do you feel like changing your foods or exercising? how do other cycles affect you? the moon shifts, your menstrual cycle? your daily energies?

For more info on Cyclcial Living, understanding the Wheel of the Year and liking in harmony with vitality and creativity book a free chat with me today. ( see link to book)

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Questions to Ask Yourself and Rituals for Mabon-

I Honour the Season

Journaling or meditating, on ideas or themes

  • What Jewels of wisdom does Autumn offer me?

  • What rhythm and balance can I find today?

  • What does my body need this autumn?


Write 3 things I am grateful for today.

  • What resources and wisdom does autumn bring me?

  • What acceptance and love do I have in my life?

  • What am I grateful for today?


Ideas- mini clear out, Prune the garden or rake some leaves, Write down anything that is not serving my life at the moment, you can always symbolically burn it!

  • What can I release?

  • What do I not need in my life?

  • What is not helping move forward?


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